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Refractive surprise in cataract surgery

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Session Title: Cataract I
Session Date/Time: Friday 26/02/2016 | 10:30-12:30
Paper Time: 12:03
Venue: MC3 Room
First Author: : M.Lundström SWEDEN
Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details


To investigate the frequency of refractive surprise in an ordinary cataract population as characterized by the EUREQUO database.


Clinics affiliated to the EUREQUO


Database study on prospectively collected data on consecutive cataract surgery cases reported to the EUREQUO database. Every reported case includes information about target refraction and final refraction. Demography data and risk factors were also reported. Different levels of refractive surprise were defined. EUREQUO data from 2014 (Year of surgery) were analyzed.


Refractive outcome was available for 142,575 cataract extractions. An absolute biometry prediction error of 1D or more was found in 10,559 cases (7.4%). The corresponding number for 2D or more was 2510 cases (1.8%). Surgical complications were related to half of the cases with large refractive error. For the other cases Preoperative visual acuity (poor), Age (younger), Target refraction (myopic), Ocular co-morbidity (glaucoma, AMD, amblyopia and ”other”) and Surgical difficulty (previous corneal refractive surgery, corneal opacities and ”other”) were significantly related (logistic regression analysis) to this refractive outcome. Risk estimates for combination of these risk factors will be presented.


A spherical refractive error of 1.0D or more was found in 7.4% of all cataract extractions reported to the EUREQUO database in 2014. For cases with higher spherical error complications during or after surgery were related to half of the cases. A number of risk factors for the refractive surprise outcome were identified.

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