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Quantel Medical

Find us at Booth: I05

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The Quantel Medical ultrasound and laser products provide diagnostic and treatment solutions for ophthalmologists.

The flagship Aviso ultrasound platform includes Biometry, Standardized A, 10MHz, high frequency 20MHz B-Scan, linear 25MHz and 50MHz UBM.

Also available: the portable Compact Touch, A/B andAxis Nano biometer systems.

The laser line is led by the Supra Scan photocoagulator platform including multi-color wavelengths, multi-spot pattern and micropulse modes. The Supra range is customizable with 532nm, 577nm and 810nm wavelengths, and can include the multi-spot pattern mode with the 532nm wavelength.

Also available: the Vitra, a 532nm solid-state photocoagulator, and the Optimis YAG laser.