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Refractive regression after pediatric excimer laser surgery with and without use of mitomycin

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First Author: M.Diab SAUDI ARABIA

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Substantial regression (return of ametropia) is a drawback to excimer laser correction of high refractive errors in children. The anti-metabolite mitomycin C (MMC) is used in adult LASIK/PRK to minimize regression or corneal haze when treating higher refractive errors. Here we report outcomes in children treated with the excimer laser with and without intra-operative use of MMC


Faculty of Medicine AIN Shams Univeristy Cairo Egypt and also Magrabi Hospital KSA


Clinical course and outcome data were collated prospectively in a group of 233 ametropic children and adolescents (366 treated eyes; mean age 9.8 yrs, range 2-19 yrs) who had difficulties with spectacle/contacts lens wear. Myopia (285 eyes) ranged - 3.00 to -11.5 D (mean -8.2 D) and hyperopia (81 eyes) +3.5 to +6.25 D. Excimer laser ablation was used to treat isoametropia in 266 eyes and anisometropia in 100 eyes under brief general anesthesia with or without application of MMC. Mean follow-up was 4.4 yrs (range 5 mos - 10 yrs).


Myopia correction averaged 7.5 D and hyperopia correction 4.3 D. 87% of eyes were corrected initially to within ±1 D of goal refraction. MMC was applied in a subgroup of 31 children (48 eyes). Over similar follow-up intervals, regression with use of MMC was reduced 56% in myopic and 52% in hyperopic eyes (chi square, p = .04 and .03). No substantial differences were observed in grade of corneal haze. MMC treated eyes required a mean 1.2 days longer to heal


Application of MMC in children after excimer laser ablation reduces but does not eliminate refractive regression (return of ametropia). Further study is indicated to determine the long-term safety of MMC use in pediatric refractive surgery

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