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Evaluation of novel planning settings in the reduction of opaque bubble layer in LASIK flaps created with the FS200 femtosecond laser

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First Author: V.Moustou GREECE

Co Author(s):    A. Kanellopoulos   G. Asimellis           

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To evaluate the extent and incidence of Opaque Bubble Layer (OBL) in LASIK flaps created with the Alcon/WaveLight FS200 femtosecond laser as a result of a recent change in flap programming parameters aiming to further reduce the indent and the extent of OBL.

Setting: Eye Institute, Athens, Greece


Intraoperative digital images of the flaps from 36 consecutive patients (72 eyes) subjected to bilateral femto-second-assisted LASIK were analyzed with computerized proprietary technique. The OBL incident and extent was measured and reported as % over the entire flap area. In this group A, flap creation was performed with a 1.7 mm wide canal, implemented as an updated design, aiming to reduce OBL extent. The same OBL parameters were investigated and compared in an age- and procedure-matched group B, in which the previous standard setting of 1.3 mm wide canal was implemented.


In group A, in which the updated canal width parameters were employed, the average extent of OBL was in average 3.69% of flap area (range from none to 11.34%). In group B the respective values were 6.06% (from none to 20.24%). We found the difference to be statistically significant (one-tailed p<0.001).


This study suggests that there is significant reduction in OBL incidence and extent when employing novel LASIK flap ventilation canal parameters of width and spot line separation. ?

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