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Outcome of Lentis MPlus multifocal intraocular lens following laser refractive surgery

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First Author: A.Walkden UK

Co Author(s):    C. Gore   C. O'Donnell   S. Quah        

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To determine the effectiveness of Lentis MPlus multifocal lenses used in patients who have previously undergone laser refractive surgery.


Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital, 2 The Avenue, Didsbury, Manchester, United Kingdom M20 2EY


The visual and refractive outcome of 14 eyes from 8 patients who underwent Lentis M plus multifocal lens implantation following either LASIK or LASEK surgery over a 14 month period was analysed retrospectively. Refraction was performed pre-operatively and between one and two months post-operatively. The postoperative target refraction for all eyes was emmetropia. SRK-T, Holladay-II and ASCRS biometry formulae were used for lens calculations.


The mean patient age was 58ḟ7 (SD) years (range 49 to 70 years) and the group contained 5 females and 3 males. Two eyes received treatment for glaucoma which was well controlled and there were no other co-morbidities in the remaining eyes. Nine eyes had full pre-laser refractive data enabling corrected K to be calculated using the clinical history method. Pre-operative uncorrected distance visual acuity was logMAR 0.27ḟ0.22. Post-operative unaided distance visual acuity was logMAR 0.07ḟ0.08 (p<0.001), with 79% (n=11) of eyes achieving unaided Snellen 6/7.5 vision or better and all eyes achieving 6/9 or better. The post-operative unaided near visual acuity was logMAR 0.19ḟ0.1. All eyes had final post-operative refraction within -0.25DS and +0.50DS MSE. Eleven eyes (79%) had post-operative astigmatism of ?0.50D. All eyes had post-operative astigmatism of ?1.00D. Three toric Lentis MPlus lenses were used, two of which resulted in no post-operative astigmatism, and one with residual astigmatism of 0.50D. All surgical procedures were uncomplicated, with no post-operative complications. No eye required post-operative laser visual enhancement.


The Lentis MPlus multifocal IOL proved to be an effective and safe way of enhancing unaided visual acuity in this group of post-laser refractive surgery patients.

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