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Next generation of multifocal intraocular lenses (MIOL): addendum or outperformance?

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First Author: H.Kaymak GERMANY

Co Author(s):    D. Breyer   K. Klabe   C. Pohl        

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The spectrum of MIOL extends rapidly. New generation MIOL show improvement concerning pupil independent light transmission, enhanced intermediate visus and an optical architecture which supposedly reduces halos and glares. We are interested, whether different lens species replace the previous generation or represent an addendum in lens portfolio.


Breyer Kaymak Augenchirurgie


The retrospective study examines two MIOLs from Alcon and CZM each. 20 Eyes were analyzed for subjective refraction, defocus analysis as well as three different distance visi of the either Restor +2.5ADD™ (A) or LisaTri 839M™ (C) (far/intermediate/near). Defocus results were compared to previous MIOL specimen (Restor +3.0ADD™ (B) and Lisa809™ (D)). Patients were questioned for comfort, visus quality and halos & glares.


All patients showed binocular distance visus of -0.1 logMAR one to three month postoperative. Comparing previous and current MIOL models we observed a shift of 10 cm with CZM MIOL in reading distance to 40 cm. Alcon MIOLs showed a plateau instead of peak around 40 cm but a distict peak at 50 cm. In general new MIOL generation showed between 0.5 and 4 m an improved visus (up to 10 letters in ETDRS chart). Halos and glare results were similar to previous generation and did not interfere with patients comfort.


The results indicate, that the new generation of MIOL represents an addendum to the spectrum of MIOLs. Patients desire can be better adressed concerning a more near focused or far focused desired visual acuity as well as adaptation to specific light conditions. All current MIOLs show reduced photopic phenomena, which enhances the patients comfort enormously during nocturnal car trips. Future studies could furthermore clarify after longtime observation, if pco rate shows a difference between MIOL generations.

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