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Does the defocus curve represent an appropiate tool for correct choice of multifocal intraocular lens (MIOL)?

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First Author: F.Dillner GERMANY

Co Author(s):    D. Breyer   H. Kaymak   K. Klabe   C. Pohl     

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A new generation of MIOL expands the state-of-the-art-spectrum for refractive surgery. These new MIOLs differ in distinct parameters, e.g. optical architecture and light distribution. How do we select the adequate MIOL for individual patient needs? Can the repective defocus curve serve as an appropiate tool for the correct choice of MIOL?


Breyer Kaymak Augenchirurgie Düsseldorf, Germany


Before selecting a MIOL for our patients each case was carefully examined for visual needs in daily routine. According to the results of questionnaires we selected a MIOL with a defocus curve meeting the visual demands of the patient. We implanted rotation symmetrical MIOL with different near addition and optical dynamics (Restor +3.0D, Restor +2.5D, Acri LISA trifokal) and rotation assymmetrical MIOL (M PLUS). Stable postoperative subjective refraction and defocus curve were analyzed for a match to the preoperative MIOL assessment.


Postoperative defocus curves turned out to be very similar to optical bench testing defocus curves. The patient questionnaire showed that patient preoperative desired optical results matched very nicely the defocus curves.


The knowledge of the defocus curve represents a very useful tool for the best choice of individual MIOL.

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