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Staged LASIK and corneal inlay implantation for treatment of myopic presbyopia

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First Author: A.Joseph Low MALAYSIA

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To evaluate the visual outcomes after LASIK and small aperture inlay implantation in a series of myopic presbyopes.


Single site study, single surgeon at VISTA Eye Specialist, Malaysia.


Analysis of 3 consecutive patients implanted with a small aperture corneal inlay in their non-dominant eye after a planned prior LASIK treatment. The primary LASIK procedure was performed at 100 microns. Inlay eyes were targeted for -0.25D MRSE. Fellow eyes, if necessary, were corrected to plano. The corneal inlay implantation was performed at least 4 weeks after the primary LASIK in a lamellar pocket at least 100 microns below the prior LASIK interface. A minimum of 250 microns of residual corneal tissue was maintained below the inlay pocket. One-month results are represented here. Additional patients and follow-up will be presented.


All three patients were female and were between 43-44 years old. MRSE ranged between -1.5 D to -6.5 D preoperatively and improved to between plano to -0.25D one-month post-LASIK and inlay implantation. UCDVA in the non-dominant eye ranged between 6/6 – 6/9.6 after the LASIK procedure, a significant improvement from between 6/24 and CF preoperatively. At one-month post-inlay implantation, UCDVA remained unchanged. After the LASIK treatment, UCNVA ranged between N12-N14 (J10-J12). One month after inlay implantation, all patients achieved N5(J3) UCNVA.


Performing LASIK and inlay implantation in a staged - two step surgical procedure improves both near and distance acuity in this small series of myopic presbyopic patients. There is a double ‘wow’ effect - once after the 1st step for distance vision and then again after the 2nd step when the patients regain their near vision. This study is ongoing. Financial Disclosure: I do not have any invested interest in AcuFocus.

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