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Effect of ocular sensory dominance in multizone refractive multifocal lenses

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First Author: N.Burguera-Giménez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Domínguez-Vicens   A. Del Águila-Carrasco   V. Sanchis-Jurado   R. Montés-Micó     

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To evaluate the efficacy of the ocular sensory dominance in a centre-near multifocal lens and in a centre-distance multifocal lens.


University of Valencia, Spain


In this cross-over study, seven patients were fitted randomly with two design of multizone refractive multifocal lenses. The fogging technic was used to determine sensory eye dominance; both centre-distance and centre-near multifocal lens were fitted over the dominant and non-dominant eye in order to analyse the influence and efficacy of the sensorial dominance with two different optical designs. Monocular visual acuity (MDVA), monocular near visual acuity (MNVA) and monocular Contrast sensitivity (CSF) under photopic (85 cd/m2) and mesopic (3 cd/m2) condition were performed by means of the Functional Acuity Contrast Test.


There were differences statistically significant in MDVA and MNVA in dominant eye between centre-distance design and centre-near design (P< 0.01). However, in dominant eye, there were not found variances statistically significant in near and distance, between the 2 optical designs. Values of MDVA were -0.019 ±0.12 logMAR with centre-distance whereas in near design MNVA was -0.02 ±0.10 logMAR, both in dominant eye. Although CSF in dominant eye was worse in near design than centre-distance under photopic and mesopic conditions at distance, not statistically differences were observed (P> 0.05). Centre near design provided better values of CSF under photopic conditions at near in dominant eye.


Both optical designs provide better visual performance over the dominant eye. Sensorial dominance should taken into account in multifocality due to the influence and efficacy in the quality of vision in refractive surgery, Intraocular lens or contact lens.

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