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Intra-eye visual function comparison with and without a central hole contact lens-based system for myopia correction

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First Author: T.Ferrer-Blasco SPAIN

Co Author(s):    S. García-Lazaro   L. Belda-Salmerón   C. Albarrán-Diego   R. Montés-Micó     

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To evaluate the effects of a central-hole contact lens (CL)-based design on visual performance and to compare it with the standard version of that same CL without the hole (non-hole scenario).


University of Valencia


In a cross-over-design study, the visual performance of 10 myopic patients wearing either a central-hole myopic CL or its corresponding standard-version (non-hole CL) was assessed on the same eye. For each patient, monocular-corrected distance visual acuity (DVA) was measured under photopic conditions, monocular contrast sensitivity (CS) was measured both under photopic and mesopic conditions and higher-order ocular aberrations using Hartmann-Shack aberrometry. Moreover, an in-vitro optical analysis of both CLs was carried out and a symptoms questionnaire was administered to the participants.


No statistically significant differences in terms of DVA were found: -0.091 logMAR and -0.098 logMAR for the hole and non-hole CLs, respectively (p>0.05). CS was comparable between lenses and no differences were found neither for specific spatial frequencies nor for a particular luminance level (p>0.05). The hole CLs provided excellent outcomes, essentially equivalent to those of non-hole CL, even in terms of subjective symptoms such as glare or halo. In-vivo and in-vitro optical-quality analysis revealed no statistically significant differences between the hole and the non-hole CLs for either pupil size (p>0.1).


A CL having a central hole provides good visual-and optical-quality outcomes, comparable to those yielded by the same lens without a hole. Our results suggest that the impact of a central hole may be considered to be clinically negligible.

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