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Aberrometry in the estimation of age-related cataract evolution

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First Author: A.Varavka RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    L. Balashevich   A. Kachanov           

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To study the role of Shack-Hartmann ocular and PENTACAM corneal aberrometry in the estimation of age-related cataract evolution.


Sv. Fyodorov "Eye Microsurgery Clinic", St.-Petersburg Branch, Y. Gashek, 21, St.-Petersburg, 192283, Russia.


We used all standard ophthalmic investigations including WASCA and CRS-Master total ocular aberrometry (“Carl Zeiss Meditec”) and Pentacam corneal aberrometric system (“OCULUS”). Wavefront aberrations were measured in 28 patients with the different types of initial cataract (56 eyes) during long follow-up period – from 2 to 8 years. The age of our patients ranged from 40 to 68 years. Higher-order aberrations (HOAs) from the 3rd to 4th order were calculated using Zernike polynomials. The relationship between lens transparency and ocular HOAs were investigated.


Sphere-equivalent of our patients was changed to the myopia level during the follow-up period from-0.25 to -4.86 D. HOAs (RMS PV OPD HO in WASCA notation) and total ocular aberrations (RMS PV OPD) were also increased and correlated with cataract evolution. Vertical coma was increased in cortical cataract especially, but spherical-like aberrations were increased in nuclear one. PENTACAM corneal aberrometry was not practically changed in all cases.


There were positive correlations between initial age-related cataract evolution and aberrometry and refractory changes of transparent lens during a long follow-up period (Spearman rank correlation coefficient R > 0.670). Refraction errors were shifted to myopia and ocular total, spherical-like aberrations and vertical coma were statistically significant increased during the age-related cataract evolution (from transparent lens to the different types of mild cataract).

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