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Surgical treatment of congenital ptosis and its relation to amblyopia

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First Author: E.Tomás-Verduras SPAIN

Co Author(s):    I. Signes-Soler   J. Calvache-Anaya   S. Fernandez-Mota   L. Ortíz-León     

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Congenital ptosis is an ocular pathology that occurs due to a distrophy of the upper eyelid levator muscle, and it also can be due to a foetal injury or to the abnormal development of the upper branch of the oculomotor nerve that innervates this muscle. Congenital ptosis is a pathology that may cause amblyopia. The aim of this study was to assess the relation with amblyopia in a group of patients after surgery, as well as the presence of a refractive error.


Universidad Europea de Madrid Centro Adscrito de Valencia


15 cases of congenital ptosis are studied, 5 girls and 10 boys. The patients’ age range was from 4 to 10. This study followed the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and had the approval of the Institutional Review Board. Informed consent was achieved from all the patients (from their parents/guardians) after explaining them the nature, procedure and consequences of the study. In all the cases ptosis was moderated and only affected one eye; in 4 of the cases it was the right eye and in the rest the left eye. The technique used in all the cases was levator aponeurosis resection, externally, total resection was not applied. A further comprehensive ocular test was performed in order to find possible refractive errors.


After surgery 60% of the cases were found to develop amblyopia in the affected eye and refractive error in that same eye. Power mean value (D) was (0.60 ±0.45) with a range of (+1 a -0.50), cylinder mean value (D) was (-1.13 ±0.52) with a range (from -0.25 to -2).


After surgical treatment of congenital ptosis amblyopia may appear in the affected eye, therefore a comprehensive study is recommended to all the patients undergoing surgery due to this specific pathology and to the existent relation between them; as well as further treatment of amblyopia and of the existent refractive error.

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