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Tenzel semicircular flap technique for the reconstruction of lower eyelid defects

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First Author: F.Esin Özdemir TURKEY

Co Author(s):    F. Nuhoglu   A. Tekin Buyrukcu   K. Eltutar        

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To evaluate the results of the semicircular flap technique used in repair of lower eyelid defects occured after tumor excision.


Clinics of Ophthalmology, Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul/Turkey


Twenty one cases, whose lower eyelids were repaired with semicircular flap after tumor excision, were evaluated retrospectively. Cases whom additional surgical techniques besides semicircular flap for repair of the defect were applied on and followed-up less than 6 months were not included in the study. Thirteen were female and 8 were male, ages were between 43 and 79 (mean 60.3 years). Surgical excision contained 4 mm intact tissue. Eyelid reconstruction was made with Tenzel’s semicircular flap. The patients were evaluated according to size of the tumor and defect after excision and postoperative complications, eyelid function, cosmetic appearance and the need for secondary surgery


Nineteen patients had basal cell carcinoma, 2 patients had squamous cell carcinoma. On the horizontal axis, the average tumor size was 5,6 mm (2-10mm), the average defect size was 12,3 mm (11-18 mm). With this method, eyelid repair was achieved in all cases, the eyelid functions were preserved. Postoperatively, 90.5% (19 patients) cases achieved a satisfactory appearance of the eyelid in the judgment of the surgeon. In 5 cases (24%), surgical complications were recorded. lateral canthal webbing in 2 cases (10%), trichiasis and lid margin notch 1 patient (5%), pyogenic granulom in 2 cases (10%) were observed. The mean duration of follow-up were 13,3 months (6-18 months).


Repair with semicircular flap in the lower lid defects was very satisfactory in terms of eyelid function and cosmetic appearance. It is a technique that has less complications and does not require serious secondary surgery. Repair with semicircular flap is an efficient and reliable method in appropriate lower eyelid defects.

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