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Correction of corneal aberrations with a pinhole contact lens

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First Author: C.Van Luijk THE NETHERLANDS

Co Author(s):    C. Frambach   A. Geerards           

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To provide a simple way of correcting irregular corneal astigmatism with a soft contact lens.


Case report: A 45 year old woman had difficulty reading. Fifteen years ago she underwent bilateral radial keratotomy. She is intolerant to rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Reading glasses provided better, but uncomfortable and tiresome reading. Scleral lenses are too expensive.


Irregular corneal astigmatism was measured by use of an aberrometer. Visual performance was simulated with the software of this aberrometer. A plano soft contact lens with a 5mm black patch with 2mm clear opening was fitted on the left eye. The patientÂ’s visual performance was then evaluated.


Results: Before contact lens fitting the uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) OS was 0,3 Snellen visus; BCVA OS was 0,4 with S+2,50=C-3,00x50; pinhole VA OS was 0,7. After plano pinhole contact lens fitting BCVA was 0,6; UCVA OS near was D<1,25; BCVA near was D=1,0 with S+4,00=C-3,00x 50; BCVA near with S+1,50 over pinhole contact lens was D= 0,8.


A soft plano contact lens with a diaphragm of 2mm in a black painted pupil of 5mm reduces aberrations of corneal irregular astigmatism. Refraction over this diaphragm contact lens is easier due to reduction of aberrations. Visual function improves despite monocular correction. The visual field remains almost intact because of the small black zone of 5mm and monocular use. Software simulation provides insight of the effect of this diaphragm. A near addition is still needed by a presbyope. A variable position of the diaphragm caused by movement of the contact lens was not noticed.

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