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REETT: a new test for reading performance and efficiency evaluation

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First Author: V.Sanchis-Jurado SPAIN

Co Author(s):    Á. Pons   A. Del Águila-Carrasco   A. Domínguez-Vicent   R. Montés-Micó     

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To develop a new protocol for the evaluation of the reading performance and efficiency, by combining the usual reading speed tests system with a pattern evaluation of eye movements recorded by eye-tracking. In our Reading Efficiency by Eye Tracking Test (REETT), the eye-movements can be parametrized in the frequency domain as a standard pattern for every angular size of the characters of the test.


University of Valencia, Spain


We have composed a constant-words text from the designing guidelines of the well known MNREAD© test, with four different angular sizes. The patient must pass the reading speed test and eye movements are recorded by means of a head mounted camera. The pattern of eye movements was measured and parametrized in the frequency domain and coded in a MATLAB specifically designed algorithm. 50 emmetropic and non presbyopic subjects passed the tests for the different angular sizes of the characters composing the test, and a standard pattern for every angular size was obtained, comparing the results with the usual reading speed tests as MNREAD©.


Four different standards patterns of eye movements for different angular size character test were generated, defining a Q-value of deviation from the normal pattern of an emmetropic observer.


We have proposed a new way of analyzing the information obtained with reading speed tests, improving it with an eye tracking system. This method can be used to compare the reading efficiency between different optical or surgical corrections such as multifocal intraocular lenses or prebylasik surgery, providing a functional quality measurement.

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