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Preoperative ocular aberrations in individuals screened for refractive surgery in South Korea

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First Author: B.Ko SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    S. Baek              

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To report the ocular aberrations in candidates for refractive surgery in South Korea.


Konyang University Hospital, Daejeon, Republic of Korea.


We included 35 male and 81 female participants. The ocular aberration data were obtained through three measurements per eye using zywave II aberrometer (Bausch&Lomb, New York, USA). Spherical equivalent (SE) and higher order aberration (HOA)s calculated in the central 6 mm zone and expressed as root mean square (RMS) values were analyzed. Correlation analysis was performed to assess the association between ocular HOAs and sex, age (20~29 and 30~39), or refractive error (below -3.0D, -3.0D to -5.9D and -6.0D to -8.9D).


The average age of the candidates was 25.2ḟ4.6 (20~38). The average SE was -4.67ḟ1.83diopters (D). The average total HOA was 0.421ḟ0.201?. The average spherical aberration (SA), coma and trefoil were 0.136ḟ0.102?, 0.098ḟ0.154? and 0.084ḟ0.049?, respectively. There was no significant differences of the average total HOAs, SA, coma and trefoil between male and female, but the average total HOAs and trefoil were higher in the age group of twenties (p=0.01 and 0.035, respectively) and the average total HOAs and SA were different among the refractive error groups (p=0.025 and 0.018, respectively).


We report the distribution of ocular aberrations in candidates for refractive surgery in South Korea. There were some differences according to the age and refractive error groups.

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