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Eyelid pilomatrixoma on a middle-aged man

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First Author: M.Karafyloglou GREECE

Co Author(s):    F. Akritidou   I. Giastoudi   D. Bosvelis   D. Karamanis     

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To describe a case of pilotrixoma located on the eyelid of a middle aged male patient.


Department of Ophthalmology, General Hospital of Kavala, Kavala, Greece


A 45 year old male patient presented with swelling of the right upper eyelid for the last 4 months. On examination a firm, non tender nodule was palpated on the lateral right upper eye lid. The nodule was firmly attached to the underlying lid tissue. The overlying skin appeared normal with no ulceration. The patient had no systemic illness and there was no history of trauma or local infection. Lid mobility was normal with no ptosis. Local as well as systemic antibiotics were initially prescribed. Two weeks after initial examination the mass had grown considerably in size. Mass excision with lid repair was subsequently carried out under local anaesthesia.


Histologic examination confirmed the diagnosis of pilotrixoma.


The presence of pilotrixoma should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of firm lid lesions. Malignant transformation is possible, especially in middle aged and elderly patients. Excisional biopsy with clear margins is therefore essential for the optimal management of these cases.

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