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Comparison of the accuracy of automated choroidal thickness analysis by using swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT) in myopic non-operated eyes and myopic LASIK eyes

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First Author: M.Iglesias SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J. Hernández-Verdejo   M. García   G. Tarantino        

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To compare the accuracy of automated choroidal thickness analysis by using Swept OCT in eyes with myopia and no previous refractive surgery and eyes with myopia operated with laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) technique.


Vissum, Santa Hortensia, Madrid, Spain.


Cross-sectional observational study. Two groups were compared: group 1 included eyes with myopia without having undergone refractive surgery, and group 2 included eyes with myopia that had undergone a previous LASIK refractive surgery. Routine ocular examination and ultrasonic axial length (AL) evaluation were performed ( IOL Master biometer ) in each patient. The macular area was studied in both groups by using the Swept optical coherence tomography (OCT) in order to analyze if there was any significant difference in measurements of the choroidal thickness depending on whether a previous LASIK surgery was or not undergone. Macular evaluation was performed by a trained masked technician who evaluated automatic segmentation of the choroidal thickness, measured with a line through the posterior edge of the retinal pigment epithelium to a line through the choroid- scleral junction. The same technician modified manually the lines to fit close to the references when necessary, registering the manual choroidal central thickness measurement.


We evaluated 64 patients (109 eyes), all of them over 18 years old; group 1 included 51 eyes of 37 non-operated patients, and group 2 included 58 eyes of 27 patients operated with LASIK. Each patient of group 1 was compared to an age-, LA- and refraction-matched patient of group 2 for the analysis. The mean automatical central choroidal thickness was 217,44 ±80,05 ṁm in group 1 and 220,65 ±90,49 ṁm in group 2 ( p = 0.74 ). The mean manual central choroidal thickness was 261,38 ±92,06 ṁm in group 1 and 205,78 ±120,17 ṁm in group 2 (p= 0.08). We needed to modify manually the central choroidal measurement because of an error in the automatic reading in 17 of 51 eyes (33,33% ) in group 1 and in 18 of 58 eyes ( 31,03% ) in group 2.


Macular evaluation accuracy with Swept OCT has similar predictability in eyes with myopia and a previous LASIK surgery when compared with non-operated eyes with myopia.

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