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Corneal ectasia in general population: five year experience

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First Author: F.Gómez-Sanz SPAIN

Co Author(s):    E. Dorronzoro-Ramírez   C. Izquierdo-Rodríguez   R. Cobo-Soriano   J. González-MartínMoro   I. Fuentes-Vega  

Abstract Details


To describe our experience in corneal ectasia management after five years since the foundation of an Ophthalmology Service.


Ophthalmology Service, Hospital del Henares, Coslada, Madrid, Spain.


Demographic description of the ectasias detected in our service since February 2008. Vector analysis of the refractive error and keratometric readings of the whole sample and of those patients who underwent intrastromal ring implantation, following the methods and guidelines described by Thibos, Holladay and Alpins. Analysis was also performed based on axis orientation (WTR, oblique 45 degrees, ATR, oblique 135 degrees). Ocular residual astigmatism, desired refractive correction and surgical induced refractive vector were computed pre and postoperatively.


23 patients (10 women) diagnosed with corneal ectasia. Keratoconus: 40 eyes. Marginal Pellucid Degeneration (MPD): 6 eyes. Mean age (SD): 40.4 (14.3) years. Median BCVA (min,max): 0.5 (0.1,1.0) Refractive status (sph, cyl, axis): Total: -2.67 -1.46 x 92.5 WTR: -3.49 -2.39 x 175.2 Oblique 45: -0,86 -3.54 x 49.8 ATR: -1.41 -4.00 x 95.3 Oblique 135: -1.79 -3.04 x 132.9 Surgical subsample: Median BCVA pre (min,max): 0.3 (0.1,0.5) Median BCVA post (min,max): 0.5 (0.2,1.9) Desired Refractive Change (DRC): +7.82 -6.23 x 1.5 Surgical Induced Refraction (SIR): +5.37 -2.55 x 179.5 Correction error (CE): +2.46 -3.69 x 2.9 Ocular Residual Astigmatism (ORA) pre: -0.61 x 138 post: -1.21 x 147.3


In our experience keratoconus is almost 7 times more prevalent than MPD, and corneal ectasia odds ration shows 1.3 times higher risk for men.

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