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Study of higher order aberrations under scotopic conditions in eyes after myopic LASIK

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First Author: A.Maruhnenko RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    E. Blinkova   V. Sivolobov           

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to analyze whether there is a relationship between rate of higher order aberrations and effective optical zone (EOZ) diameter after myopic LASIK


The S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Volgograd Branch


there were studied results of 28 surgeries, aimed at myopia correction, where emmetropic refraction, maximum visual acuity and wide effective optical zone were achieved (effective optical zone exceeded corneal optical zone (COZ)). Patients’ mean age was 26,6ḟ1,2 years. Distribution according to myopia degree was as follows: I degree – 12 cases (43%), II degree – 16 cases (57%). Follow-up period equaled 3 months.


effective optical zone diameter varied in a range from 5, 37 mm to 8,5 mm, on average 6,89ḟ0,15 mm. Preoperative rate of HOA was from 0,2 to 2,6 mm (mean: 0,71ḟ0,11), postoperative value: from 0,5 to 3,4 mm (1,64ḟ0,16 mm on average). Difference was statistically significant (p<0,05). Rate of HOA increased in 24 cases, remained unchanged in 1 case and reduced in 3 cases. A linear relationship between HOA rate change and EOZ diameter was revealed, provided that EOZ ?COZ.


preparing to LASIK it is essential to determine an individual OZD diameter for a customized excimer laser exposure, with consideration to scotopic pupil diameter.

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