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A method for evaluation of glistening effects on vision

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First Author: A.Franchini ITALY

Co Author(s):    A. Romoli   F. Pieralli   P. Sandri   I. Franchini     

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A method for evaluation of glistening effects on vision is proposed, computing extended images contrast in presence of strong light sources. The image contrast, taking into account the intrinsic contrast of the object, changes by overlapping to it the background disturbance caused by the intense source interacting with vacuoles.


Eye Institute University of Florence


This study is theoretical and uses both commercial and specific optical design codes, these last provided also with dedicated applications for glistening. Devices concepts for the evaluation of the glistening effects are also presented, which can be designed and realised.


The study demonstrated that glistening can causes remarkable loss of contrast, depending on the degree of glistening and on the presence of strong light sources such as sun by day or, for instance car light by night, when the loss of contrast is more critical.


The study allows to give an answer on the question of effects of glistening on the vision, and clarify the reasons for which the methods of contrast evaluation are scarcely effective without considering critical scene illumination conditions and strong light sources causing high disturbance.

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