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Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) study of different one-piece foldable acrylic intraocular lenses (IOLs) after injection through MICS (microincisional cataract surgery) cartridges

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First Author: P.Cecchini ITALY

Co Author(s):    P. Leon   G. Turco   A. Montesel   D. Tognetto     

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To evaluate the surface properties of different models of one-piece foldable acrylic intraocular lenses (IOLs) after folding and ejecting process through MICS (microincisional cataract surgery) cartridges


Eye Clinic, University of Trieste, Italy


The following IOLs were studied: AMO PCB00, HOYA I-SERT 251, ALCON SN60WF, BAUSCH+LOMB enVISTA MX-60. A total of 80 IOLs were analyzed. 20 lenses of each type were studied, 10 with a power of +21D +/-1 and 10 with a power or +28D +/-1. All the IOLs were injected through dedicated 2.2 MICS cartridges into a 50mL vial containing 10mL of deionized water. After rinsing and metallization process, surface high magnification images were taken using SEM.


All IOLs presented a homogeneous and smooth surface of the optic and haptics. Some IOLs showed scratches and tears on the optic surface. The scratches were linear in shape and superficial, mainly positioned according to the direction of the stress induced by the folding process. In other cases small superficial tears were seen in a more peripheral position.


All lenses showed excellent surface quality. After folding and injection process some superficial scratches and tears of the optic were detected in few models. Further studies are needed to assess the possible effects of those superficial damages on the optical quality of the IOLs.

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