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To study the intraoperative applicability of a handheld high resolution spectral domain OCT in various refractive procedures

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First Author: S.Nanaiah INDIA

Co Author(s):    R. Shetty   G. Maggo   S. d’Souza        

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Studying the intraoperative applicability of a hand held high resolution spectral domain OCT (Bioptigen) in various refractive procedures


Tertiary eye hospital in Bangalore, India


Bioptigen was used to study three procedures. In Procedure 1 thickness of flaps made by Femtosecond laser (FS 200 Wavelight) and microkeratome was measured. Measurement was made at the centre and periphery prior to and after lifting flap for ablation. Each group had 50 eyes of 25 patients. In the second procedure, 20 eyes undergoing collagen crosslinking of cornea were imaged intraoperatively. In Group 1(10 eyes) epithelium was removed completely and in Group 2(10 eyes) epithelium was removed in a grid pattern. Depth of maximal penetration of riboflavin (seen as a band of increased reflectivity) was measured. In the third procedure, predictability of depth of INTACS rings placed at preplanned tracts created by FS laser was assessed in 20 eyes


Femtosecond flaps which were planned to be 100 microns thick showed mean central flap thickness of 96 ḟ7 microns while at the periphery mean thickness was 107 ḟ10 microns. In procedure 2, Group 1showed a homogenous hyper reflective band (mean depth (MD) – 53 microns) which increased in thickness (MD-73 microns) after exposure to UVA light. In Group 2, greater depth of penetration was seen in ‘epi off’ areas (MD 78 microns) while it was minimal under areas of intact epithelium (MD 24 microns). In INTACS, depth of rings placed was within (ḟ) 10ṁ of preplanned depth (p value 0.04)


Bioptigen can be a useful intraoperative tool to assess depth of treatment in refractive procedures.

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