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Changes in anterior chamber depth during accommodation: a pilot study

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First Author: A.Del Águila-Carrasco SPAIN

Co Author(s):    C. Pérez-Vives   V. Sanchis-Jurado   T. Ferrer-Blasco   R. Montés-Micó     

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To study the behaviour of the anterior chamber depth (ACD) in different positions, with different degrees of accommodation.


University of Valencia, Spain.


ACD data were acquired for 20 young healthy subjects (23.20ḟ1.68 years) with spherical refractive errors ranging between -0.50 to +0.50 diopters (D), being the mean spherical refractive error 0.23ḟ0.28 D. ACD measures were obtained under 8 different vergences, from +2 D (to ensure absence of accommodation) to -5 D, using a Pentacam HR device (rotating Scheimpflug camera). Measures were taken in the central zone of the anterior chamber and in four more positions, being these ones 2 mm away from the centre, each one in one different direction (superior, inferior, nasal and temporal).


Changes in each position of the ACD resulting from accommodation were small and generally insignificant (P>0.05). The central position presents statistically the deepest value of ACD for all vergences (2.92ḟ0.30 mm for total lack of accommodation and 2.78ḟ0.24 for the maximum level of accommodation). For all vergences, there are statistically significant differences in ADC values between the different positions, except when nasal and superior positions are compared (P=0.056); and also when comparing inferior and temporal positions (P=0.225), which do not present statistically significant differences. In addition, statistically speaking, temporal and inferior positions present an anterior chamber depth significantly deeper (P<0.05) than superior and nasal anterior chambers depth.


No significant changes in ACD occur after 5 D of accommodation. Moreover, the ACD is not symmetrical around the eye, having different depth in different positions.

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