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Burn-complicated glaucoma and ways of treatment

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First Author: A.Kugusheva RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    V. Bykov   A. Stepanov   R. Gundorova   P. Makarov   A. Solovjeva  

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Analysis of burn complicated glaucoma"s peculiarities and different ways of its treatment.


In cases with hard burn trauma high intraocular pressure is caused by deep damage of anatomic eye structures that lead to steady physiological changes and clinically apparent and vascular disorders. Secondary glaucoma appears in several months and even years after burn trauma and it is characterized by durable high intraocular pressure, frequent intraocular pressure decompensation cases and in spite of treatment ophthalmological characteristics" functional decrease.


We observed 69 patients(108 eyes) after hard burn eye trauma( 78,26% men and 21,74% women). Due to burn agents all trauma was divided to 4 groups – alkaline burns 51,85%, acid burns 25,93%, heat injury 13,89% and thermochemical burns 8,33%. Follow-up period: 1-10 years.


High intraocular pressure was revealed more than in half cases after hard burn. The highest frequency of after-burn secondary glaucoma popularity fell on patients at the age of 40 to 60. Younger patients had these complications much rarely. More than in half cases conservative therapy was effective. In cases when hypotensive therapy was useless glaucoma became steady and required surgical treatment. Sinustrabeculectomy with kollagen drainage implantation showed its low effectiveness in such cases. Normal eye pressure was turned out only in two of seven cases after these operations. Scleral diode laser cyclocoagulation proved to be effective but only for a short while. In the majority of cases repeated manipulations were indispensable. Ahmed drainage implantation simultaneously with eyelid plastic operation also showed unsuccessful outcome.


Burn complicated glaucoma is a frequent widespread occurrence in the eyes after hard burn injury and its treatment is of particular importance in such patients" rehabilitation. Burn complicated glaucoma treatment should involve conservative therapy, surgical procedures and laser manipulations.

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