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Causality of the development of primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG)

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First Author: I.Belonozhenko RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    E. Sorokin   O. Danilov           

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Clarification of a pathogenetic role of age-related increase of a lens volume in the mechanism of closing of the anterior chamber angle of an eye and hydrodynamics disorders at PACG with thickened form of a lens.


The Khabarovsk branch of the State Institution Eye Microsurgery Complex named after S.N. Fyodorov, Khabarovsk, Russia


The comparative analysis of dynamics of morphometric indicators of the anterior segment of an eye in 61 eyes with PACG at the thickened form of a lens (Sorokin E.L. Marchenko A.N. Danilov O.V., 2008-2011). It was counted: cross-sectional area of lens (SL – square of lens), cross-sectional area of the eye’s anterior segment (SASE – square of eye’s anterior segment). There were specified: the extent of opening of the anterior chamber angle of an eye (B-scan, UD-6000 "Tomey", the sensor of 20,0 MHz) and UBM – the sensor of 40,0 MHz (Sorokin E.L. Marchenko A.N. Danilov O.V., 2009).


SL indicator statistically significantly accrued: 33,1ḟ0,2??Ġ in 20 eyes with permanent compensation of IOP (1 subgroup); 35,6ḟ0,2 mmĠ in 30 eyes with IOP subcompensation (the 2nd subgroup; ?<0,01), reaching a maximum in 11 eyes with IOP decompensation – 39,9ḟ0,2 mmĠ (the 3rd subgroup; ?<0,01). It was accompanied by progressing, statistically significant depression of a distance “trabecular-iris”: from 0,11ḟ0,01 mm in 1 subgroup to 0,07ḟ0,01 mm in the 2nd subgroup (?<0,01), up to its total disappearance in 3d subgroup (?<0,01). The return tendency became perceptible on average value of SASE. Existence of moderate linear direct link was taped in subgroups of the main group between the SL indicator and the extent of full closing of the anterior chamber angle (r=0.65 Pearson"s coefficient) and the distance “trabecular-iris” (r=-0.59 Pearson"s coefficient); the strong linear direct link between the indicator of SL and the IOP level (r=0.81 Pearson"s coefficient).


The main reason for development of PACG was the disproportionate augmentation of the lens volume entailed depression of volume of the anterior chamber and formation of blockade of the of the anterior chamber angle. For prophylaxis of PACG development it is necessary, being guided by the criteria developed by us (E.L. Sorokin, A.N. Marchenko, 2012), to carry out betimes a phacoemilsification, even of a transparent lens.

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