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Pro ANP (atrial natriuretic peptide) concentration differences in aqueous humor and plasma in open angle glaucoma (OAG) patients compared with cataract patients (CP)

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First Author: K.Baumane LATVIA

Co Author(s):    R. Ranka   G. Laganovska           

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To determine pro ANP ( atrial natriuretic peptide) concentration differences in aqueous humor and blood plasma of OAG and cataract patients.


Aqueous humors were collected during filtration and cataract surgeries from 96 glaucoma and 53 cataract patients in Stradins clinical university hospital.


Pro -ANP level was determined by commercially available enzyme immunoessay-ELISA method using Biomedica GmbH test System.


Average blood plasma pro ANP level was approximately similar in both groups: respectively 7.16+/-0.53 nmol/l in glaucoma patients group and 5.97+/-0.64nmol/lin cataract patients group ( p=0.166): however, pro ANP level in aqueous humor was 0.526 +/-0.115nmol/l in glaucoma patients group and 0.098+/-0.033 nmol/l in cataract patients group(p=0.0352).Protein concentration in aqueous humor was similar in both groups ,i.e.7.20 and 7.27 mg/ml.


Pro-ANP concentration differences in patients with OAG and cataract is considered to be statistically significant. These differences could be explained whether by compensatory reactions of relevant eye tissues caused by elevated intraocular pressure when pro ANP in aqueous humor is produced more in glaucoma patients, or by degenerative changes causing repression of production of proANP in cataract patients.

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