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Endothelial cell density after femtosecond LASIK with 500 KHz femtosecond laser (FLASIK) and after SMILE procedure with 500 KHz femtosecond laser

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First Author: I.Solomatin LATVIA

Co Author(s):    J. Gertnere   M. Solomatin   A. Solomatin        

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To assess the effects of LASIK procedure with 500KHz femtosecond laser, and SMILE procedure with the same Laser on corneal endothelium.


Dr.Solomatin Eye center Riga, Latvia.


Prospective analysis of patients who underwent Femtosecond LASIK with 500 KHz Femtosecond Laser and SMILE procedure with the same 500KHz femtosecond laser for myopia ranging between -2.00 till -9.0 and eximer laser ablation with MEL-80 eximer laser. Preoperative and postoperative confocal microscopy was performed using Nidek Confoscan 4 confocal microscope. The parameters assessed were endothelial cell density before and 3 month after surgery.


30 eyes of 15 patients with mean age 27,5 had undergone FLASIK procedure, and 30 eyes of 15 patients with mean age 31,0 had SMILE procedure. Preoperative mean endothelial density was 2752+/- 211 cell/mm2 in the group of FLASIK patients and 2812+/- 218 cell/mm2 was in the group of SMILE patients. After 3 month postoperatively the mean endothelial cell density was 2671+/- 216 cell/mm2 in the group of FLASIK and 2791+/- 231 cell/mm2 in the group that underwent SMILE. There was no statistical significance between endothelial cell density preoperatively and postoperatively after 3 month in both groups.


The changes in mean endothelial cell count were not statistically significant. 500 KHz femtosecond laser is a safe and effective tool, which does not cause the damage to the corneal endothelium.

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