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Effect of riboflavin and ultraviolet-A-induced corneal collagen cross-linking on high order aberrations

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First Author: G.Rocha CANADA

Co Author(s):    A. Muzychuk   V. Penner           

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To evaluate the effect of riboflavin and ultraviolet-A-induced corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) on high order aberrations (HOA) up to third-order at 6 months, using wavefront aberrometry in patients with progressive keratoconus.


Private practice. GRMC Vision Centre, U of Manitoba, U of Ottawa, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada


Ongoing retrospective chart review of patients having undergone CXL. The iTrace (Tracey Technologies, Houston, TX) was used to evaluate HOA. Patient data was collected from a single clinical site. 25 eyes (14M:11F, mean age 31.7, range 18-46) had complete pre and 6 month post operative data. Data included uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA), best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), manifest refraction, and HOA data.


Postoperatively, UCVA (n=25) improved by 2 or more lines in 30% of eyes, stayed the same or improved by only one line in 65%, and decreased one or more lines in 5% of eyes. There was a 0.06ḟ0.40 logMAR (p=0.53) average improvement in UCVA. BCVA (n=25) improved at 6 months by 2 or more lines in 17.5%, by 1 line or stayed the same in 65%, and decreased by one or more lines in 17.5%. There was a -0.03ḟ0.17 logMAR (p=0.34) average change in BCVA, which was not statistically significant. The average mean refractive spherical equivalent became more hyperopic by 0.93ḟ2.20D(p=0.07) and refractive astigmatism increased by 0.11ḟ1.460D (p=0.74). Root Mean Square values decreased in all HOA, including: Total -0.25ḟ0.51? (p=0.03), Coma -0.40ḟ0.74? (p=0.02), Spherical -0.03ḟ0.26? (p=0.59), Secondary Astigmatism -0.07ḟ0.23? (p=0.17), and Trefoil -0.17ḟ0.30? (p=0.02).


: There was a statistically significant improvement in UCVA, with no statistically significant difference in the pre and postoperative BCVA. This study found no significant change in refractive error, but statistically significant reductions in total HOA, coma and trefoil were observed. These results further the understanding of the clinical picture of visual stability at the 6 month follow-up in CXL.

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