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Comparison of outcome of corneal collagen cross-linking for progressive keratoconus in paediatric and adult eyes

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First Author: H.Parikh INDIA

Co Author(s):    R. Revathi              

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C3R stabilizes the keratoconus and flattens the cornea by inducing cross linking between collagen fibers. Increase in cross linking between collagen fibers is seen with increase in age. Pediatric patients have relatively less cross linked collagen fibers hence C3R may have better effect in pediatric age group. Methods:


Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore, India


Observational retrospective study was done. Study included 56 eyes < 18 years (group A) and 53 adults eyes > 18 years (group B) who underwent C3R for documented progressive keratoconus . The data regarding preoperative refraction, best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), maximum keratometric value (Kmax) in corneal topography were compared to those at 6 , 12 and 24 months postoperative period between two groups.


BCVA improved significantly (by at least 1 line) in 78.5% pediatric patients at 1 year post C3R and 73.2 % of pediatric eyes at 2 year post C3R no statistically significant improvement was seen in adults. Reduction in mean Kmax value 1 year post C3R for pediatric patients was 3.25 D and at 2 yrs was 3.17D in adults was 1. 49 D and at 2 year post op was 1.89DThis reduction in mean Kmax post C3R was statistically significant in both groups. Difference in Kmax reduction between two groups was not statistically significant.


Significant improvement in BCVA post C3R was seen in paediatric patients as compared to adults. Significant corneal flattening post C3R was found in both groups. Corneal flattening effect of C3R was found to be same in both groups

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