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Optical and morphological corneal responses of the progressive keratoconus to collagen cross-linking

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First Author: M.Mirzaei IRAN

Co Author(s):    S. Mortazavi   A. Lotfi Sadigh   A. Najafi        

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To determine the significant changes which occur in the corneal parameters, including pachymetry, after corneal collagen cross linking (CXL) by means of Scheimpflug imaging.


Departement of ophthalmology, Nikookari eye center, University of medical sciences, Tabriz, Iran


Standard CXL procedure was done for 40 eyes diagnosed as progressive keratoconus (KCN). The following parameters were monitored pre and six months post operatively: uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA), best corrected virsual acuity (BCVA), refractive spherical equivalent (S.E), keratometry1 (K1) and keratometry2 (K2), apex and thinnest point pachymetries, thinnest point coordinates (X,Y) minimum (Min.), maximum (Max.), average (Avg.) pachymetric progression indices, Max. anterior and posterior elevations. Pentacam (Oculus, Wetzlar, Germany) imaging was used to monitor the corneal parameters of the study. Paired sample T test was used for statistical analysis


Following parameters of the study did not show significant changes after CXL: UCVA: (P= 0.65), BCVA: (P= 0.076), S.E: (P= 0.343), Thinnest point X coordinate: (P=0.545), Thinnest point Y coordinate: (P= 0.144), Max. anterior elevation (P= 0.508) and the following parameters showed significant changes: K1: (P= 0.001), K2: (P= 0.015), Apex pachymerty: (P <0.001), Thinnest point pachymetry: (P <0.001), Max. post. elevation: (P= 0.001) and all (Max., Min., Avg.) pachymetric progression indices: (P <0.001 for all 3). The most significant changes occured in pachymetric progression indices


After CXL the cornea becomes thin and is so, even 6 months later, when evaluated by Pentacam. Validity of Scheimpflug imaging of the corneas after CXL should be determined in further studies

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