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Dynamics of riboflavin in aqueous humor of anterior chamber of rabbit eye following cross-linking with different solutions of photosensitizer

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First Author: A.Khalimov RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Bikbov   G. Bikbova           

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?o study the dynamics of riboflavin concentration in the humor of anterior chamber of rabbits eye at saturation of cornea with its polymers solutions.


Ufa Eye Research Institute, Ufa, Russia


All the rabbits underwent deepithelization of cornea 7 mm. 1 group 10 rabbits (20 eyes) control 10 min Riboflavin 0,1% instillation. 2 group 10 rabbits (20 eyes) 10 min Riboflavin 0,1% + Dextran 20% instillation. 3 group 10 rabbits (20 eyes) 10 min Riboflavin 0,1% + Chitosan 10% instillation. Sampling of aqueous humor of anterior chamber was carried out for 25 min at intervals of 5 minutes. Riboflavin content in the samples was determined by microbiological testing ḋID-Vit Vitamin B2Ṡ (Immundiagnostik) and immunoassay analyzer ḋMultiscanṠ at a wavelength of 610 nm.


The maximum concentration of riboflavin in the humor of anterior chamber of rabbits is observed in 20 minutes after the saturation of the cornea with investigated photosensitizers. Sustained action of Chitosan in the photosensitizer is higher to those of Dextran


Using of polymers in solutions helps to preserve the high concentration of riboflavin for a longer time as compared to aqueous solution.

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