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Role of corneal epithelium morphofunctional condition in the course of bacterial keratitis

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First Author: T.Valkovich BELARUS

Co Author(s):    I. Samsonova              

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To define interrelation of corneal epithelium morphofunctional condition with its epithelization duration at bacterial keratitis of various etiology.


One of leading factors in pathogenesis and healing of a cornea is the morphofunctional condition of its epithelium defining proliferative activity and its reparative ability. The problem of cornea’s healing at bacterial keratitis remains actual and demands further studying.


Under supervision there were 106 patients with bacterial keratitis. Patients have been divided on two groups: 1th group – primary bacterial keratitis (n=43), IInd group – secondary bacterial keratitis (n=63). For definition of cellular structure and corneal epithelium morphofunctional conditions impression cytology was used. Light microscopy and photoregistration of cellular samples were carried out on microscope Leica DM2500. Morphometry was carried out by means of Leica Application Suite software. For interrelation definition of corneal epithelium morphofunctional conditions with its epithelization duration carried the correlation analysis was performed with application of Spearman criterion using electronic packages ḋSTATISTICA 6.0Ṡ.


Light microscopy of cornea’s cellular samples of patients with bacterial keratitis on the 1st day of supervision in perifocal and paralimbal zones revealed the expressed necrotic and ne?robiotic changes of cornea’s epithelium with the phenomena of karyorrexis, karyolysis and cytolysis both in the 1th and 2nd groups. However, the cellular structure differed by quantity of basal epithelial cells and epithelial cells with nucleus pyknosis. The statistical analysis of cellular samples given to a morphometry showed that the duration of cornea’s epithelization is directly connected with morphofunctional condition of the epithelium and depends on a quantitative ratio of basal epithelial cells and epithelial cells with changed nuclear-cytoplasmatic interrelation due to pyknosis of the nucleus. At patients in which cellular structure cells with a nuclear and cytoplasmatic ratio 1:16 and above prevailed, more long terms of the epithelization of the cornea were observed (r = - 0,97, p<0,05).


The morphofunctional condition of corneal epithelium in perifocal and paralimbal zones at bacterial keratitis is the objective certificate of a current of inflammatory process in a cornea and reflects epithelium’s reparative ability.

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