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Corneal biomechanical study with a new Scheimpflug camera in healthy subjects

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First Author: M.Lanza ITALY

Co Author(s):    S. Iaccarino   M. Cennamo   M. Capasso   C. Irregolare     

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to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of a new Scheimpflug based device in measuring corneal biomechanical properties in healthy eyes


Second University of Napoli


76 eyes of 76 healthy subjects underwent a complete ophthalmic evaluation, a Corvis ST (Oculus, Wezlar, Germany) and a Pentacam (Oculus, Wezlar, Germany) scan. The age of the subject enrolled group ranged from 23 to 65 years (mean= 36.84 ±10.74 years), refractive error ranged from -7 D to +3 D (mean= -0.55 ±1.68 D) measured as spherical equivalent. Linear Regression between central corneal thickness (CCT), corneal volume (CV) and anterior corneal curvature measured with Sim¬íK (SK) versus corneal deformation parameters measured with Corvis ST have been run using SPSS software version 18.0.


Our data show a poor correlation between corneal deformation parameters versus corneal morphological parameters and versus spherical equivalent. Although the correlation between deformation amplitude versus SK and between SK versus Velocity of Applanation 2 was higher than to other ones (R2= 0.28 and 0.26 respectively), none of them was a statistically significant.(p> 0.01)


even if our findings must be confirmed by further studies with larger populations, the Corvis ST seems to be a reliable tool that could provide an analysis of corneal deformation independent from corneal morphological characteristics. Therefore, ophthalmologists may use this device in clinical practice to screen, to perform out the diagnosis and the follow up of patients with corneal disease or intraocular pressure (IOP) alterations

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