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Therapeutic keratoplasty in Jakarta Eye Center, Indonesia

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First Author: M.Susiyanti INDONESIA

Co Author(s):    J. Hutauruk   T. Gondhowiardjo           

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To overview and evaluate the result of therapeutic keratoplasty for moderate to severe infected corneal ulcer in Jakarta Eye Center from 2007-2012


Jakarta Eye Center, Indonesia


Descriptive , retrospective study


98 cases of therapeutic keratoplasty were evaluated retrospectively.All pre-operative courses were caused by moderate to severe or retracted corneal infection .Fifty two cases (53.1 %) were due to fungal infection, 34 cases (34.7 %) were bacterias , 3 cases (3.1 %) were acanthamoeba, and 0.1 % were others. Ninety five cases (96.7 %) were performed penetrating keratoplasty and 4 cases ( 4.1 %) with lamellar keratoplasty. Ninety six cases (97.9 %) used non-optical corneal donor and 2 cases (2.0 %) directly used optical donor (grade A). All cases used topical and systemic anti microbial drugs therapy, while steroid topical was contraindicated in most of cases. Eighty nine cases (90.8 %) required repeat transplantation for optical purpose , while 8 cases ( 8.2 %) were reinfected and needed repeat therapeutic keratoplasty. Four cases ( 4.1%) needed more than 1 repeat surgery and 2 cases ( 2.0%) ended up with endophthalmitis


Therapeutic keratoplasty is the mainstay treatment procedure for severe or retracted corneal ulcer .The use of topical and systemic antimicrobial drugs is very important to directly eliminate the microorganisms thus prevent further reinfection after keratoplasty

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