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Keratoconus (KC): visual rehabilitation after intracorneal ring (ICR) surgery with Spot® corneoscleral lenses (Spot® CSL’s)

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First Author: S.Leroux les Jardins FRANCE

Co Author(s):    G. Leroux les Jardins              

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To evaluate the Visual Acuity improvement obtained with Spot®CSL’s after ICR’s Surgery for KC.


Patients with KC operated on with ICR


It is a retrospective study of 10 eyes with Keratoconus grade 3 and 4 operated on with ICR’s. After surgery, UDVA and CDVA improved but remained limited (> 0.3 LogMar). It is well known that the adaptation of corneal contact lenses is difficult after ICR’s. So we have used Spot®CSL’s to obtain a better Visual rehabilitation. We describe the adaptation technique and results.


The adaptation is different with Spot®CSL’s than with corneal contact lenses, as the goal is to have no contact between the Contact Lens and the cornea, the contact being on the conjunctiva. All our KC’s with ICR’s eyes has been equipped with Spot CSL’s with an impressive Visual improvement (Visual acuity < 0.18 LogMar p <0.001), with less HOA’s (p<0.001) and a good tolerance.


ICR’s stabilize Keratoconus of stage 2 to 4 and improve Visual acuity by reducing astigmatism and myopia as proved by numerous publications. However, Visual acuity of the patients operated on returns rarely to emmetropia. To improve the refractive result, Topolink Excimer laser with Cross Linking aren’t always possible as the cornea is too thin. Contact lenses adaptation can be attempted. Toric soft lenses are comfortable but give rarely a good visual acuity. Corneal flexible lenses give good visual acuity outcomes but aren’t comfortable as they move on the residual corneal surface irregularities. Spot®CSL’s don’t touch the cornea, don’t move and are rigid contact lenses which allow good comfort and considerable improvement of Visual acuity. Spot®CSL’s adaptation on Keratoconus after implantation of ICR’s is possible and improves refractive results when necessary after ICR’s implantation.

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