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Standardised descemetic intrabubble: our experience

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First Author: A.Laborante ITALY

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To evaluate the refractive outcomes: the best natural visual acuity (UCVA) , the best corrected visual acuity with lenses( BSCVA) and the topo-aberrometric data after 2 years from the execution of standardized laser-assisted lamellar keratoplasty descemetica.


Ophthalmology Department IRCSS- Ospedale Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza S.Giovanni Rotondo-FG ITALY


They will be evaluated 10 eyes of 10 patients affected by keratoconus 3Ḟ stage. The patients were subjected to a Standardized Descemetic Intrabubble with the’aid of Femtolaser . For the data refractive analysis UCVA e BSCVA we used the ETDRS scale randomized survey and data were evaluated with by topoaberrometric analysis.


We performed a preoperative assessment after 1 year and 2 years of UCVA average and BSCVA average, the sferoequivalent SE and topographic astigmatism average. Ucva average 4/10, Bscva average 8/10, SE -1,65ḟ2,25, Topographic Astigmatism average 2,60ḟ1,50). The average astigmatism in Intrabubble is lower than Manual technique and also the percentage of success of the Bubble with Femtolaser is 85% in contrast to Bubble manual that is 65%.


Early results showed a marked improvement in visual acuity after 6 months and greater stability than other types of topographic shear. Furthermore the fact of being descemetici allows a better recovery of visual acuity.

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