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Method of calculating the optical power of a toric IOL in unusual situations

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First Author: N.Senchenko RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    M. Shanturova   T. Iureva           

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To assess the effectiveness of the method of calculating the optical power of the toric IOL for eyes with corneal changes.


S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution, Irkutsk, Russia


Toric IOLs were implanted in 56 patients aged from 15 to 68 years who have different initial corneal changes - keratoconus (12 patients), corneal scarring - after keratoplasty, keratotomy (11 patients) and trauma (23 patients). For calculating IOL power we investigated refractive corneal properties on the complex topographical scanner Pentacam in the central area with a diameter of 3.0 and 5.0 mm, irregular astigmatism along the main meridians and the profile of the optical power of the cornea. The calculation was made using the On-line calculator.


With using Pentacam data, obtained in the zone with 3.0 mm diameter, the incidence of refractive errors within 0, 75 D ±0, 25 D was 19.6%, more than 1.5 D ±0, 25 D - 8.9%. In the case of search area enlargement of main meridians the incidence of errors in the calculation increased by 1.75 times. If the difference of refraction between strong and flat meridians of cornea was more than 6.0 D, and in the presence of even insignificant irregular astigmatism in central zone, the refractive effect was less predictable.


For the calculation of the toric IOL optical power the keratotopographic data should be used in 3.0 mm zone. To avoid the refractive surprises the irregularity of astigmatism and profile of optical corneal curvature should be considered.

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