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Correlations of straylight, aberrometry and lens scattering in cataract patients

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First Author: B.Valbon BRAZIL

Co Author(s):    M. Salomão   A. Canedo   B. Lopes   F. Faria-Correa   R. Ambrosio Jr  

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To correlate straylight levels, lens scattering, lens opacity and intraocular aberrometry in patients with nuclear cataract


Grupo de Estudos de Tomografia e Biomecânica de Córnea do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


This is a prospective study. Thirty consecutive patients (30 eyes) were including. Ocular Straylight was evaluated using the C-Quant. Lens scattering was evaluated using Scheimpflug Anterior Segment Tomography, using the new software PNS. Dilated slip lamp evaluation was performed and lens opacity was classified according to LOCS III scale. Total wavefront was measured by ray tracing (iTrace); intraocular aberrations were calculated by the integration of the Placido topography (Vista, Tracy Technologies). Exclusion criteria: corneal disease, retinal or optic nerves disease or previous ocular surgery. This is study analyzed was Kolmogorov-Smirnov for Normality. Spearman correlation test was performed.


The mean age from patients was 72,3 y (±8,9). The mean PNS was 2,7 (ḟ1,14), the mean LOCS III was 3,7 (±1,15) and the mean Log(s) was 1,49(±0,38). The correlations between Log(s) x PNS, Log(s) x LOCS III and LOCS III x PNS obtained respectively p = 0,270 (rho 0,20), p = 0,717 (rho 0,06) e p = 0 (rho 0,76). The mean RMS IO was 1,23 (+/- 0,5). The correlations between RMS IO x PNS was p = 0, 41 (rho -0,15) and RMS IO x LOCS III was p = 0, 39 (rho -0.15) and between RMS IO x Log(s) was p = 0, 83 (rho 0,03).


There is an association between the straylight level and cataract development, causing glare disability and visual performance. Quality of vision loss because of eye media disturbances is limited not only to visual acuity effects, but also to other effects such as caused by straylight and intraocular aberrations.

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