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IOL prediction accuracy after corneal refractive surgery using Orbscan II, Pentacam and IOLMaster

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First Author: Y.Sung SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    M. Kim   E. Kim           

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To compare results of intraocular lens (IOL) power calculation methods using different keratometric values after myopic excimer laser surgery.


Department of Ophthalmology, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, College of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea.


A total of 53 eyes of 43 patients who underwent cataract surgery after refractive surgery were included retrospectively. IOL power was calculated using SRK/T formula with True net corneal power (TNP) and Equivalent K (Eq K) was measured with Pentacam and Sim K, the 2-mm-diameter central zone of total-mean power maps (TMP 2mm), and 4-mm-diameter central zone of total-optical power maps (TOP 4mm) with the Orbscan II. IOL power was also calculated with the Haigis-L methods with corneal radius using IOL Master. Axial length using IOL Master was used in all methods. Prediction error and absolute prediction error, the percentages of correct refraction predictions within ḟ0.50, ḟ1.00, and ḟ2.00 D. Pearson’s correlation coefficient between expected refraction, and postoperative refraction were evaluated.


Prediction error and absolute prediction error measured with the Haigis-L method, TNP, TMP 2mm, and TOP 4mm was significantly lower than Eq K and Sim K (P<0.05), and the Haigis-L method was the lowest of all methods. The percentages of correct refraction predictions within ḟ0.50, ḟ1.00, and ḟ2.00 D in the Haigis-L method were the highest (64.5%, 80.6%, and 100%, respectively) of all methods. Pearson’s correlation coefficient between expected refraction and postoperative refraction measured with the Haigis-L method (0.90) was also the highest of all methods.


Haigis-L using corneal radius with IOL Master is the most predictable method for IOL calculation after corneal refractive laser surgery in patients without clinical history. TMP 2mm in Orbscan II and TNP in Pentacam may also be relatively predictable keratometric values for IOL calculation.

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