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Double linear versus linear: the surgical technique affects endothelial count

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First Author: F.Spedale ITALY

Co Author(s):    E. Tosco   G. Di Girolamo   S. Pini        

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To assess whether the control pedal double-linear impact on the loss of endothelial cells


Chiari Hospital, Az. Osp. Mellino Mellini Chiari (BS) Italy


100 patients with a variety of consistency of cataracts have been subjected to four surgeons of different experience, for intervention in the clear cornea phacoemulsification under topical anesthesia with Stellaris PC Machine B&L. The patients were divided into 4 groups: Group 1 technique Facochop with , double linear linear pedal control 5-10% max us, 600 mm Hg vacuum and 90 mm Hg bottle high Group 2 phaco chop technique with linear control pedal, 25 us max, 450 mm Hg vacuum, 110 mm Hg bottle high Group 3 Divide and Conqueor with dual pedal control, u.s. 20% with 80mmHg in the first stage and 450 in the second phase vacuum group 4 technique Divide and Conqueor with linear pedal control 20% u.s. max, with 80mmHg in the first stage and 450 in the second phase of vacuum. Each patient performed an endothelial count preop and 30 days after surgery.


The average use of u.s. Group 1 was 4.59% with an effective use of 0:00.89 sec in group 2 the u. s. average was of 7.63 with an effective use of 0:02.32 sec. In group 3 the u. S. average was 8.80% with an actual time of 0:15.45 sec, while group 4 the u. s. average was of 13.50% with an actual time of 0:23.12 sec. The mean pre-intervention in group 1 was 2556.48 cells, in group 2 of 2586.37cells, 2734.80 cells in group 3, and 2593 cells in group 4. The mean count in group 1 after 30 days was 2296.90 cells, in group 2 of 2114.85cells, 2303.6 of cells in group 3 and group 4 of 1974.16cells. The average loss in group 1 was 11%, in group 2 was19%, in group 3 was 16% ,in group 4 was 24%.


The use of dual linear control, any technique you use, can save an average of U.S. and consequently a reduction in the percentage of loss of endothelial cells. The technique of the control of the pedal in double linear is then, thanks to the technology which is available Bausch & Lomb, the best choice for obtaining more satisfactory results for the patient.

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