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Impact of toric intraocular lens implantation and alignment in postoperative higher order aberrations and refractive status

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First Author: L.Papaioannou GREECE

Co Author(s):    G. Tsolkas   P. Theodossiadis   M. Papathanassiou        

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To compare Higher Order Aberrations (HOAs) and postroperative refractive status in eyes with non-toric intraocular lens (IOL), eyes with toric IOL and eyes with misaligned toric IOL.


2nd Ophthalmology Department, “Attikon” University Hospital, Athens, Greece.


32 eyes of 32 patients who underwent phacoemulsification with moderate preexisting corneal cylinder (range:0.75D to 1.75D) were enrolled in 3 groups: 15 eyes with non-toric IOL implantation, 14 eyes with toric IOL with mean axis misalignment of 2.58ḟ2.04(SD) degrees and 3 eyes with toric IOL and mean postoperative axis misalignment of 16.40ḟ4.52(SD) degrees. Main outcome measures included uncorrected (UCVA) and best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), residual refractive sphere and refractive cylinder and ocular Higher Order Aberrations (HOAs) in a mean follow-up period of 3 months (range: 2-4 months).


Mean residual refractive sphere was 0.18D ḟ0.31(SD) in the non-toric group, 0.28D ḟ0.32(SD) in the toric group and 0.79D ḟ0.26(SD) in the misaligned-toric group, while the mean residual refractive cylinder was 1.15Dḟ0.26(SD), 0.34Dḟ0.28(SD) and 1.05Dḟ0.16(SD) in the 3 groups respectively. Mean ocular HOAs root mean square (RMS) for a 4mm pupil was 0.17ḟ0.04 in the non-toric group, 0.16ḟ0.02 in the toric group and 0.23ḟ0.2 in the misaligned-toric group. It was noticed that 3rd ordrer abberations (coma and trefoil) were mainly increased in the misaligned toric group.


In addition to hyperopical spherical change and astigmatism undercorrection, toric IOL axis misalignment in our case series resulted in increased higher order aberrations.

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