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Visual performance with bilateral simultaneous vs consecutive implantation of Acri.LISA AT Lisa 809M

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First Author: K.Mehta INDIA

Co Author(s):    C. Mehta              

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To assess the visual function safety and acceptability of bilateral simultaneous Vs consecutive implantation of Acrilisa AT Lisa 809M.


Mehta International Eye Institute


In a retrospective case series visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, steriopsis and visual function especially for near were assessed in 220 eyes fitted with Acrilisa AT Lisa 809M bifocal IOL.


Evaluated at 2 weeks, uncorrected and best corrected distance visual acuity of 20/ 30 were achieved in 96 % of the bilateral cases and 94% of the unilateral. Uncorrected and best corrected near visual acuity of N6 were achieved in 95% of the bilateral 85 % of the unilateral cases. Average photopic contrast for 3,6,12 and 18 cycle degrees was 1.38 ±0.36, 1.49 ±0.25, 0.97 ḟ0.43 and 0.57+-0.45 units respectively. Assessment of the actual usage conditions (like driving, reading, television viewing, embroidery etc) showed that the bilateral simultaneous cases had significantly better scores measured at 2 weeks as compared to unilateral.


Simultaneous bilateral implantation gives better results, at least in short term as compared to consecutive implantation.

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