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Ciliary body cell response after energetic cataract surgery

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First Author: V.Kopayeva RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    S. Kopayev   V. Alborova   S. Borzenok   V. Delektorskaya     

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To evaluate laser energy safety level by comparison of ciliary body cells response (non- pigmented and pigmented layers) after cataract extraction by various methods using energy of ultrasound and laser.


The S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal Institution, Moscow, Russia; Academician V.I. Shumakov Federal Research Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Moscow, Russiaṗ


Ultrasound phacoemulsification (Millennium) was performed in 3 right cadaver human eyes (male, 68-72 years) 6 hrs post mortem. Laser cataract extraction was performed in 3 left eyes of the same individuals using the Russian device “Rakot” (Nd-YAG 1.44 ṁm). Electron transmission microscopy (ETM) of ?iliary body cells was carried out.


After laser cataract extraction ciliary body cells ultrastructure (non- pigmented and pigmented layers) corresponds to norm completely. After ultrasound phacoemulsification in both layers mitochondrial matrix and cytoplasm are characterized with less electronic optical density compared with those after laser cataract extraction; cytoplasm acquired multiple vesicles and tiny granules, desmosomes are sharply delineated, cells’ membranes invaginations present. Also in cytoplasm of pigmented cells layer multiple large melanin granules were found.


Compared to ultrasound energy laser energy in cataract surgery inflicts NO adverse effects on highly sensitive layers (pigmented and non –pigmented) of ciliary body.

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