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Characteristics of phacoemulsification-related anatomical changes in the anterior segment of the eye

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First Author: J.Konopi?ska POLAND

Co Author(s):    K. Barchan-Kucia   T. ?arnowski   Z. Mariak   M. R?kas     

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To study the relationship between phacoemulsification-related anatomical changes and the baseline parameters of the anterior segment of the eye.


The study included 228 patients (228 eyes), mean age 74.1ḟ8.9 years, who were subjected to phacoemulsification.


Anterior chamber depth (ACD), the width of trabecular-iris angle (TIA), central lens thickness (CLT), and axial length of the eye (AXL) were determined ultrasonographically prior to and 6 months following the surgery. These measurements were used to calculate the ACDindex describing the degree of postoperative changes in the anterior chamber in relation to its baseline parameters, CLT and AXL. K-means clustering and multiple regression analysis were used; all calculations were carried out using Statistica 10.0 PL package.


In all cases, cataract surgery was reflected by changes in ACD and TIA. The character of these changes was described by ACDindex value (P<0.05). Mean ACD0 equaled to 2.51ḟ0.45 mm and increased to 3.84ḟ0.35 mm (P<0.05) postoperatively, whereas mean TIA0, equal to 22.84ḟ7.43Ḟ, increased to 30.97ḟ7.99Ḟ (P<0.05) post-surgery. The values of ?ACD and ?TIA were determined on the basis of baseline parameters defined by ACDindex, characterizing the structural type of the eye. The variability of ACDindex explained 42.65% of variance in ?ACD and ?TIA (R2=42.65%).


The degree of cataract surgery-related changes in ACD and TIA is determined by the structural type of the eye. Although the linear model of relationship between baseline parameters of the eye and their postoperative changes is correct, it does not entirely explain the degree of this latter phenomenon. Preoperative consideration of other parameters characterizing anatomical relationships of the eye would enable the prediction of phacoemulsification-related changes in the anterior segment.

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