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Correlation between nucleus hardness and phaco parameters in eyes with different types of cataract

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First Author: G.Koklu TURKEY

Co Author(s):    A. Altintas   O. Beyazyildiz   E. Beyazyildiz   S. Ozcaliskan     

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To evaulate the correlation between nucleus hardness and phaco parameters in eyes with different types of cataract.


Ulucanlar Eye Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


A total of 137 eyes underwent phacoemulsification surgery with micro pulse technology with ICE mode were analyzed. Nucleus hardness were classified from Grade 1 to 5. Total phaco time (TPT), effective phaco time (EPT) and average phaco power percentage (APP) of phaco surgeries were recorded. Descriptive analysis for demographic properties of patients, grade of cataracts, TPT, EPT and APP of phaco surgeries were performed. Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests, Two-Independent Samples tests, Kruskal Wallis Tests and Independent-Samples t tests were used for statistical analysis.


Out of 137 eyes 30 (%21.9) eyes had grade 2, 52 (%38) eyes had grade 3, 48 (%35) eyes had grade 4 and 7 (%5.1) eyes had grade 5 cataract hardness. No one had grade 1 nucleus hardness. The mean TPT were 77.7ḟ69.3 sec in grade 2, 100.6ḟ76 sec in grade 3, 114.7±59.1 sec in grade 4 and 161.4ḟ77.5 sec in eyes with grade 5 nucleus hardness. The mean TPT was statistically significantly correlated with nucleus hardness (p<0.002). The mean EPT were 15.2ḟ15 sec in grade 2, 16.4ḟ14.2 sec in grade 3, in 20.2ḟ14.6 sec in grade 4 and 30.8ḟ18.4 sec in grade 5. The correlation between EPT and nucleus hardness was statistically significant (p<0.01). The mean APP were 16.6ḟ6.5 in grade 2, 15.5ḟ6.5 in grade 3, 15.9ḟ4.7 in grade 4 and 18.1ḟ5.5 in grade 5. The mean APP was not correlated with nucleus hardness (p=0.59). Intraoperative complication, anterior chamber inflammation and corneal edema which persisted more than one week did not occur in any patient.


TPT and EPT were increased in eyes with hard nucleus. But APP level was not correlated with nucleus hardness in eyes underwent micro pulse surgery with ICE mode. Micro pulse phaco surgery with ICE mode is safe and effective in eyes with different grade of nucleus hardness.

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