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Comparison of surgically-induced corneal astigmatism with 1.8mm and 2.4mm incisions after coaxial microincision cataract surgery

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First Author: K.Ishii JAPAN

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To evaluate the difference of surgically induced corneal astigmatism (SIA) between 1.8mm and 2.4mm incisions in the early postoperative period.


Saitama Red Cross Hospital


Patients and Methods: The cataract surgeries were performed by one operator from February to March 2011. The study included 34 eyes of 20 patients, 23 eyes of 14 patients in 1.8mm superior incisions (1.8 group) and 11 eyes of 6 patients in 2.4mm superior incisions (2.4 group). The implanted lenses were all NY-60 (HOYA). Surgically induced corneal astigmatism was calculated by Jaffe vector analysis using corneal optical power data measured by auto refract keratometer (ARK-2000, Nidek) in the first and fourth week of pre- and postoperative period. The corneal endothelial cell density and the corneal thickness were measured by specular microscopy (SP-2000P, Topcon) during the pre- and postoperative period. The Wilcoxon rank sum test and the Chi square test were used for the statistical analysis. Less than 5% of P-value was defined as significant difference.


Age, male-female ratio, difference between left and right eyes, pre-operative corneal stigmatism, reduction ratio of the corneal endothelial cells, increase ratio of the corneal thickness had no significant differences between the 2 groups. In surgically induced corneal astigmatism, there were 0.43ḟ0.21D in group 1.8 and 0.61ḟ0.33D in group 2.4 at 1 week after surgery, but 0.43ḟ0.38D in group 1.8 and 0.51ḟ0.40D in group 2.4 at 4 weeks after surgery. There was a difference between the 2 groups at 1 week after surgery (p=0.027), but there was no significant difference at 4 weeks after surgery (p=0.75).


Surgically induced corneal astigmatism was influenced by the size of the incision and the distance from an apex of cornea. However, no statistically significant difference was found in postoperative outcomes between the 2 groups unless the size of the incision was smaller than 2.4mm.

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