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Knocking over of edema of the cornea caused by phacoemulsification of a dense kernel in a crystalline lens

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First Author: O.Mykhailov UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    N. Mikhailov   R. Chalanova           

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Fakoemulsifikation of a dense kernel (the 4-5 degree on L. Buratto, 1999) can cause of prolongation of ultrasonic influence and use of big total energy of ultrasound. Longer manipulations with a kernel on the average in 10% of cases are at the bottom of considerable loss of endotelial cels that causes corneal edema in the postoperative period. The purpose of researches was development of a way of knocking over of edema of the cornea caused by a fakoemulsifikation of a dense kernel of a crystalline lens by application of applications of 2% of serumal albumine


ḋ State Institution ḋThe Filatov Institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy of the National Academy of medical sciences of UkraineṠ City hospital No. 1 office of microsurgery of an eye Mariupol, Ukraine


Researches are conducted in two groups of patients (on 15 patients, 15 eyes) aged from 70 till 75 years to which the cataract fakoemulsifikation with a dense kernel of the 4-5 degree was carried out. Visual acuity before operation in both groups of patients made 0,05 ±0.02. Operations are executed on fakoemulsifikator by Stellaris (Baush +Lomb) with parameters: power is 50-80%, the irrigation - 110-140 mm, vacuum - 500-650, an impulse 40-70 in min., the speed of a stream 30, duration of ultrasound is from 40 to 80 sec. In one days from the moment of operation in the presence of edema of a cornea carried out treatment with application of applications of 2% of serumal albumine, and in group of comparison treatment carried out with application of applications of Sol. Glukosae of 40%, injections of dexamethasone, jelly solkoseril. Applications of medicines carried out by means of an eye tray with an exposition of 10 minutes.


At all observed patients the next days after operation corneal edema that was at the bottom of low initial visual acuity (0,1ḟ0,02) developed. Application of applications of 2% of serumal albumine accelerated knocking over of edema of a cornea. If at application of traditional treatment edema of a cornea was stopped for 7,4 ḟ1,3 days, at application of applications of serumal human albumine transparency of a cornea was restored for 4,6ḟ1,2 days. After elimination of edema and restoration of transparency of a cornea visual acuity in both groups of patients increased to 0,7 - 0,8.


The carried-out dehydrational therapy with use of trays from 2% human serumal albumine promoted the fastest knocking over of edema of a cornea.

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