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Is LASIK a real solution for high hypermetropia?

Session Details

Session Title: LASIK

Session Date/Time: Wednesday 09/10/2013 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 08:12

Venue: Auditorium (First Floor)

First Author: : M.Bohac CROATIA

Co Author(s): :    N. Gabric              

Abstract Details


To evaluate safety and efficacy of LASIK procedure in high hypermetropia.


Specialty Eye Hospital Svjetlost, Zagreb, Croatia


Prospective study on 59 patients (97 eyes) who underwent LASIK procedure for hypermetropia between 3.00 and 6.5 diopters. Patients were divided in two groups-younger than 40 years (30.5±5) and older than 40 years (46.8±4). All ablations were performed on Schwind Amaris 750S excimer laser with Aberration Free module. All flaps were cut with Moria M2 mechanical microkeratome. Preoperative and postoperative uncorrected and corrected distant visual acuity (UDVA, CDVA), and aberometry for 5mm pupil values were measured. Two tailed Student t-test was used for statistical analysis. Follow up was 6 months.


In the first group 42 patients (66 eyes) were enrolled. Mean preop sphere was 4.72±0.69D (range:+4.00 to +6.25D), postop sphere was 0.68±0.82D(-0.75 to +2.00D). Mean preop cylinder was 0.90±0.56D (+0.25 to +2.25D), postop cylinder was -0.40±0,85D (-2.5 to +0.75D In the second group 17 patients (31 eyes) were enrolled. Mean preop sphere was 4.56±0.46D (+4.00 to +5.25D), postop sphere was 0.44±0.87D(-0.75 to +1.25D). Mean preop cylinder was 0.80±0.31D (+0.25 to +1.00D), postop cylinder was -0.14±1.04D (-1.50 to 1.0D). In both groups there was no significant difference between preoperative CDVA and postoperative UDVA (p=0.7283,p=0.489), and preop CDVA and postop CDVA (p=0.942,p=0.301). In both groups there was a significant increase in coma (p<0.0001), trefoil (p<0.0001,p=0.0006) and spherical aberration which showed tendency toward negative values (p=0.022,p=0.0052)


LASIK for high hypermetropia showed good results in terms of visual acuity however more test are necessary to assesÂ’ optical quality.

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