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The influence of pupil size on visual acuity post KAMRA inlay implantation

Session Details

Session Title: Intracorneal inlays for correction of presbyopia

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 08/10/2013 | 08:00-10:30

Paper Time: 10:18

Venue: Main Lecture Hall (Ground Floor)

First Author: : T.Huseynova JAPAN

Co Author(s): :    T. Kanamori   M. Tomita           

Abstract Details


To investigate the influence of pupil size on the visual acuity post KAMRA inlay implantation.


Shinagawa LASIK Center, Tokyo, Japan.


684 presbyopic eyes of 684 patients were implanted with a KAMRA inlay in their non-dominant eye. Two groups was classified, one small-pupil group and one large-pupil group for both mesopic (pupil diameter less than 6 mm, and pupil diameter 6 mm or more) and photopic pupil size parameters (pupil diameter less than 4 mm, and pupil diameter 4 mm or more). Uncorrected near visual acuity (UNVA), uncorrected distance visual acuity (UDVA), best-corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA), and best corrected near visual acuity (CNVA) were measured in patients were assessed. The follow up period was 6 months.


There were no significant differences in UNVA (p = 0.63), and CNVA (p = 0.15) between the small and large mesopic pupil size groups after 6 months. Mean UDVA for both mesopic and both photopic pupil size groups was 20/20, 6 months postoperatively. For distance visual acuity, in the mesopic pupil size groups there were significant differences in UDVA (p = 0.019) and CDVA (p = 0.033) between the groups, however no correlation with pupil size was found for the small-pupil group (UDVA, r = 0.037, p = 0.478; CDVA, r = -0.024, p = 0.643), nor for the large-pupil group (UDVA, r = -0.015, p = 0.798; r = 0.030, p = 0.600). The photopic pupil size groups showed no significant differences in UNVA (p = 0.784), CNVA (p = 0.976), UDVA (p = 0.420) and CDVA (p = 0.195) at 6 months postoperative.


This study determined that pupil size doesnÂ’t have an influence on the resultant visual acuity post-KAMRA inlay implantation surgery. There was no correlation between the pupil size and the visual acuity either pre- or postoperatively for either mesopic or photopic pupil groups.

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